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Signing with Baby

Tuesday 08 July 2008 at 08:12 am

Sign with your Baby

Have you ever had a baby scream in your face, and you just couldn't figure out what they need/want? Well, you aren't alone, this is common with most parents. Many have thought that babies don't really know how to talk very well. Well, that really isn't 100% true. Turns out they can talk, just not with their mouths. Babies can learn Sign Language. And it ain't too hard.

When we attempted the whole teaching your baby sign language, we really didn't know where to start. We had intended to start sign earlier, but didn't go too gung ho. We knew a few signs - More, Milk, Eat. So we used them here and there, but wasn't sure if it was really sinking in. But then all of a sudden the little guy started using them at about 14 or 15 months. Whoa! So off to the book store to find a book on Baby Sign Language. My wife looked around, but guess who found the perfect kit on a kid reachable self. Mr. I'm only 15 months old himself. We found the SIGN with your BABY - Baby Sign Language (ASL) Kit: Includes Book, How-to DVD, Quick Reference Guide by Joseph Garcia to be excellent. My wife read the book, we both watched the video and we were off to a great start. Since then, our little dude has been picking up signs faster and faster.